So, yesterday marked day one of 162 games.

These days are filled with sleeping in; multiple days without seeing my loved one; late-night dinners that often involve pizza or burgers and a lot of baseballs and ballpark food.

We got into Los Angeles (Dodgers-Padres) and our first meal was Sushi at Sushi Roku…Try their Brussels sprouts. Yum! The next day we ordered room service… Pancakes and Huevos Rancheros. We followed this with a pre-Opening Day meal of steak at Arroyo Steakhouse; also delicious. The next day, I did go for a run before the game started; mainly getting rid of nervous energy more so than the thrill of cardio. Dinner after opening day? Cheesecake Factory! We both had burgers.. Go figure.

Geeeez. No wonder last year I gained ten pounds during the season. Today I decided to hit the gym before game 2. I did 30 minutes of an uphill walk followed by a full body circuit and 20 minutes in the sauna to attempt to flush my body. (Hotel gyms and spas are AMAZING.. Not)

I’m writing this as I am watching game 2 vs. Dodgers. (Don’t judge me for not watching, I can catch 160 more games) I just finished a ballpark ceasar salad that was below par, but better than a hotdog or nachos. Snaps for Kristen.

At this moment, watching D squat behind home plate I have decided to share this years adventures with all. I’m doing this in hopes of eating less late night pizza and burgers and doing a little more cardio than I recorder last season. And hopefully exploring these cities a little more than previous years.

If anybody has recommendations of late night healthy options please share. Mine and Dereks guts and thighs thank you ahead of time.

Stay tuned for overly detailed posts about my days to come.



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