I wanted to share a cardio workout with all of you that is not COMPLETELY boring. I am not a fan of cardio at all. Because of my love of food, especially sweets, I, unfortunately, have to incorporate it into my workout routine.

For those non-track familiar friends 1 lap = 400 meters 4 laps = 1 mile
jog 1 lap
high knees 100 meters- jog back
butt kickers 100 meters -jog back
lunges 100 meters- jog back
high knees 100 meters- jog back
toy soldier (straight front leg kick) 100 meters- jog back
karaoke 100 meters- jog back

For every meter you run, walk (fast pace) a meter.
1- 800 meters
2- 400 meters
4 – 200 meters
6 – 100 meters
1 lap – lung the straights jog the curves

Now that you have been out in the sun for an hour, let’s talk about how to take care of your skin!
I am not a make-up person so keeping my skin looking great is a must. Here is a list of some of my favorite products and my skin care routine.

Tip: Whatever skincare products you use on your face…apply them to your neck, chest and hands. I don’t want an old, wrinkled face and I sure as heck do not want an old wrinkled neck and chest.

Hydrasonic by Satin Smooth: I use this every time that I shower. It is water proof! The brand that I use is gentile enough to use everyday so if you want to use a product daily, make sure to see how gentile it is on your skin.
Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser by Satin Smooth: I use this each time I shower. I put a little on my hydrasonic and go to work!
Brightening Eyelift Eye Cream by Satin Smooth: I use under my eyes morning and evening after washing my face.
Hydrating Face Cream by Bobbi Brown: I also use this morning and evening after washing my face.

Supershock MAX by AVON: I have tried all kinds of mascara and they either suck or I am allergic. My friend Lainie (who owns AVON down in Derby, KS…go see her she is great) recommended her mascara and I fell in love!
Eye Brightener by Bobbi Brown: I dab a little under my eyes and run out the door.
Tinted Moisturizer by Bobbi Brown: I recommend tinted moisturizers with SPF over foundation any day. Especially, Bobbi Browns.

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