Let us all pretend for one moment that we REALLY care about the food we put in our bodies. For most of us just getting a vegetable in our diet is a huge deal. Something green added to our daily meals, besides guac on a Chipotle burrito, is quite an accomplishment. Do we really know if these fruits and vegetables are doing as much good as we are told?

Well, yes they are. Sorry. EAT Your GREENS! Fruits and vegetables have an INSANE amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need. Unfortunately, when we buy these at the store, the foods have already started to lose all of these goodies. We import a large amount of produce. (Our food gets here by boat, plane or truck) Some items, such as beans and broccoli can be on shelves 5 days after picking. Potatoes, sometimes 6 months. There are even some fruits that take months to hit shelves. Are we standing in line at the store to grab that fruit or vegetable off the shelf and consume in on day 6!? Yeah, NO. By the time we consume an imported item the fruit or vegetable has already started losing carbohydrates, proteins, fats, flavor and nutrients. All things in which we NEED to live…yes we need flavor.

My point of his “lesson” is to get all of you to stop buying fruits and vegetables from large industries out of this country and only buy homegrown foods!!! MERICA!!!! Just kidding. I just really enjoyed my time at the farmers market on Saturday. The man who sold me my CAGE FREE eggs told me that he, along with his wife, collected the eggs and packaged them the day before the market. The eggs I consumed this morning in my omelet were maybe 5 days old. AMAZING. And the little chickens were running free in the meadows before laying eggs so that makes my heart happy. Another man and his daughter created a greenhouse so they can grow certain items year round.

I understand not all of us and go out to a farmers market and buy our food for the week. That is fine, my next blog will be about how to grow your own garden and raise chickens.

In all seriousness, if you DO care about your body, your temple, then next time you go to the store try and buy “locally grown” items. Or next Saturday get out of bed early and hit your local market. The people and flavor that you discover will be worth it!

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